April New Releases

Hi to all,

Here we are again with the last bunch of new releases for this year.We start with a new character for our Ron And Bones game.
Here you have to Paul Boron,inspired in the comunity of Santamaria´s port from cádiz. Hope they like him, and you too.
Designed by Pedro Nuñez.
Sculpted by Simon Remis.
Painted by Jose M. Palomares.

We are near to finish the first For-U colection, this month you have available the third bust of the colection,Barracuda. Remember that all the busts are numbered copies,do not miss yours.
Designed by Pedro Nuñez.
Sculped by Simon Remis.
Painted by Diego E. Perez & Jose M. Palomares.

For finish you have available the new row cards pack with the following characters´ row cards inside:

-Jimy Jokins.
-Long Jhon.
-Rick Crazy.

More info HERE.
We meet you in the sea.
Ron. Morris.

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