February New Releases 2010.

Here you have the new releases for February!!!:

We continue increasing the list of crew for Ron&Bones, this time with the great Long Jhon. The overseer more boastful and treacherous of 7 seas;).

Designed by Ivan Gil.
Sculpted by Ivan Santurio.
Paintede by miniart productions.

Design of Long Jhon:

We are proud present 4u, a new line of short collections for that we hope that you like them.

The first one of these collections is 4 busts of the pirates from Ron&Bones.

Here you have the Marquess of port fraud.

Sculpted by Ivan Santurio.
Painted by miniartproductions.

For finish you have available the new row cards pack with the following characters´ row cards inside:

-Hueson Smith.
-Pellejo Bill.

More info here!!!!
Hope you like them all!!!!
Cap, Ronald Morris.

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